Nozzle Hanging For Pets

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  • Water Nozzle:Nozzle With Stainless Steel Outlet Is Not Easy To Deform, Rustless And Safe, Which Allows Pets Drink Water Conveniently By Themselves.
  • Keep Clean:Leak Proof Nozzle With Flexible Ball Makes The Nozzle Only Release Water When Pet Lick It To Keep The Surrounding Clean And Dry Without Mess.Pets Are Encouraged To Drink More Water For Their Health, This Pet Water Dispenser May Make Your Pet Love To Drink Water With Fun.
  • Easy To Clean And Refill:You Just Need Screw Your Bottle Off To Clean And Refill It. Can Avoid Mosquitoes Dust Pollution Of Water, To Prevent Long Beard Dog's Hair Wet, Do Not Have To Worry About The Water Bowl Was Knocked Over The Home To Get Wet.
  • Easy To Install:You Can Fix It On The Cage,Wood Or Wall With Screw-On Bracket.
  • Automatically Feed Water:Suitable For Puppy, Small-Sized Dog, Bunny, Cat, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Hamster, Etc. Effectively Avoid The Insect Dust Pollution Of Drinking Water, And Can Effectively Prevent The Long Beard Dog Mouth Wet Hair.  

Pets are encouraged to drink more water for their health, this pet water dispenser may make your pet love to drink water with fun. It can provide continuous flow of water for your pet, which is ideal for short stays away from home and busy pet owner who only needs fewer refills to make. It is easy to install, clean and refill. It can prevent secondary pollution and oral disease resulting from drinking water to make sure your pet drink clean water.

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