Cotton Fetch Toy, Chew Toy, Plush Toy

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  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Specially designed toys for cats, cats spend time at home lonely and boring, tasteless environmental protection materials, to protect the health of cats.
  • Toys can also play the role of cat scratch boards, in line with the cat's nature to play, to avoid cats scratch furniture and layer, exercise claws, promote the healthy growth of cats!
  • Cute animals design stimulates the cat's natural instincts and keeps cats guessing, playing, chewing, scratching, and chasing.
  • Packet contains- 1 toy(random figure).It's a good toy for your little cat.Catnip inside.

These plush toys are designed as interactive squeaky plush toys,made of high quality corduroy and artificial fur,and well quilted,which are hard to be ripped by tiny and puppy dogs.We believe your dog will fall in love with these cute toys after you bring them to her/him,it could greatly satisfy your dog's nature to act as a Predator or Mother(they may "tear" the doll or take great care of them like their baby).All these plush toys have squeaker,easy to squeeze to make a crisp sound,provide your dog with long-lasting entertainment,help them fighting boredom and reduce mischievous behaviour when they play on their own.What's more,the bump design perfectly fits the dog's teeth,help to keep teeth clean and massage gums.

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