Emily Pet Puppy Dog Toy Non-Toxic Soft Latex Interactive Training Fetch for Puppies and Dogs

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Emily Pet Puppy Toy Non-Toxic Soft Latex Interactive Training Fetch and Play Squeaky Pie Bouncing and Floating Chew Toy for Puppies and Dogs Flexible latex material, refreshes breath and promote health teeth, stimulating play by squeaking when chewed or squeezed. Squeaker installed to stimulate play. Creates positive association with toy and reduces anxiety and boredom.

  • SQUEAKY CHEW TOY - Loud squeaking noise, the loud crisp squeaker sound keeps dogs engaged during playing time. Stimulate Dog’s instinctual trill of chasing prey, satisfying natural desire.
  • SAFE NON-TOXIC LATEX - Made with natural latex rubber. Very chewy and soft. Elastic and easy on dog’s teeth. The corn grain design on the latex chew toy helps to clean pet’s teeth and is also good for water play. Easy to clean, just rinse with water.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Cute, soft and cuddly toys, the shape is like rugby. Designed to last, shaking bell and squeak when squeezed, this dog chew toy is bound to keep your dog occupied whilst encouraging healthy chewing habits.
  • Note- These toys are ideally designed for small dogs and all breed puppies, hence do not give it to any destructive dogs/puppies.

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