Emily Pets Cat Tree Tower,2 Layers Tripod Sisal Cat Scratching Post for Playing Relax and Sleep(Medium)

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"Why Does Your Cat Need a Wall Mounted Post?
Cat Wall Mounted Post climber are some of the best things that you can give to your cat.

1. Installing cat wall mounted Post in your homes will give cats more space to explore and play.
2. Multi-functional you can install it vertically also horizontally. It can work as a scratchier post, also a highway on your cat wall jungle.
3. DIY you can build up a game station for your cat and build up a 4 posts combined large activity tree. (This post is thicker and stronger)
Cat Scratching Posts- Adult Cat and Kitten Tree
Cats and kittens need to scratch and play. Browse our selection of Cat Trees and Scratching Posts to let your frisky felines climb, claw and have fun all while protecting your home and furniture!
Extra Thick Scratchier Post
We use a thicker scratchier post for this wall mounted post.
Cat Scratching Post and Pad, Featuring with Soft Perch Sisal-Covered Scratch Posts and Pads with Play Ball Great for Kittens and Cats.
EFFECTIVE WAY TO KEEP AWAY FROM FURNITURE: Fully Wrapped scratching post and the scratching board allow your felines to scratch from any angles as they like.
EXTRA FUN:It is equipped with a fuzzy ball that add the thrill of hunt as bat it back and forth. Your cat will have hours and hours fun of it."
HEALTHY SCRATCHING – This cat tower for indoor cats uses 3 large sisal rope scratching posts, each featuring a different color scheme or design, perfect to keep cats interested time and time again - or for households with multiple kitties. Cat Scratching Post Cat Scratching Cardboard Pad Kitten Scratchier Sisal Interactive Plush Toys Ball Scratch Tree Climber Indoor Cat Scratching Durable Board Scratch for cat with 3 rope pullers.Carpeted Base Play Area and Perch.
HOURS OF PLAY – Cat activity trees with dangling toys stimulate your cat’s senses and natural instincts. Your kitty will be entertained for hours when they hunt, stalk, and bat at the sisal rope balls and toy mouse that hang from under the cat perch.
STURDY DESIGN – This quality cat tower is crafted with sturdy materials for a safe and healthy way for kitties to scratch while helping guard your furniture! The soft carpeted base and perch provide a cozy pad for kitty to rest after a long day of play.
COMPACT & ATTRACTIVE – The neutral tan color of the cat scratching post tower will complement any home decor. The vertical design of the small cat tree provides ample room to amuse more than one cat, yet its compact footprint can fit in any sized room.
PRODUCT DETAILS – Materials: MDF, Sisal Rope, and 100% Polyester Carpet. Dimensions: (L) 14.4” x (W) 14.4” x (H) 18.9”. Care Instructions: Light Vacuum or Spot Clean as needed. Color: Natural Brown, Tan, and Cream.Cat's Happy Playmate Hanging the bell ball, bright colors and comfortable feeling , making the entire cat tree tower more interesting. They can attract cats well. Not only can they release their nature and avoid scratching, but they can also exercise their bodies and make them healthier keep them at home with one more playmate to avoid loneliness and play happily.

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