Emily Pets Cotton Thread Dog Bone Toy for Large and Medium Dogs

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Emily Pets Petlogix is committed to deliver efficient and reliable animal care products. The bone toys for dogs are designed with an idea of sharing joy and happiness. Our above mentioned product is long lasting, toxic free and eco-friendly which makes it a good companion of your pet. These toys are comfortable to play and help in enhancing the mental health and playfulness in dogs which consequently improves their natural instinct to behave nicely.

  • Eye Catching Design: The squeaky bone toy for dog has an appealing design that your pet will love it. The design of this bone toy features a covering of nicely patterned cotton threads and squeaky stuffing inside.
  • Safe and Harmless: As this toy is prepared from double stitched cotton canvas which encases squeakers is completely safe, secure and non-toxic in nature. It is easy and suitable to play both indoor and outdoor.
  • Super Fun, Exercise & Entertainment: The standard quality, size and design make this bone toy special. It facilitates the fun and promotes healthy exercise in pets; eventually it leads to entertainment and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
  • Avoid Aggressive Chewing: The product is manufactured by using the cotton canvas hence can easily get torn apart if comes under aggressive chewing process. It is suitable for small puppies and dogs to train and make them playful.

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