Antique Round Shape Pendant For Dog

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This is a great complement for your dog if he wears a collar. Brass is used, and the shape is circular. It's safe for both dogs and pups. A pendant that matches the collar offers your pet a fashionable look. It's light in weight and has a gorgeous carved design. it's also pet-friendly. Collar Tag with Imported Brass Round Shape and Dog Print Charm for Dog & Puppy's Cum Collar.

  • Pendant enhancing the collar and making your pet look cute and sassy. Perfect accessory for your dog that wears a collar.
  • Great identification for your dog and puppies - when it comes to durability and our Brass Round shape tag holds up to the most active pet.
  • Metals such as brass are prone to tarnish, this oxidising process is a natural occurrence but some substances in our daily lives will speed the process up.
  • To keep the metal looking its best, we suggest using a jeweler's cloth on a regular basis. Soap, hairspray, perfume, food, latex, perspiration and even our own natural oils can tarnish metals faster.
  • Ideal For Puppies and Dogs… Antique Golden Round shaped charms is the perfect accessory for your pet that wears a collar.

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