Emily Pets Dog Puzzle Toys Interactive Dog Toy for Puppy(L,Green)

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"Dog Puzzle Toys, Advanced Dog Puzzles for Smart Dogs,Interactive Dog Game Puzzle Toys for Dog Treat Dispensing, Slow Feeding and IQ Training, for Large/Medium/Small Dogs
Large Size Dog Puzzle Feeder Toys with A Bit Difficulty for Smart Dogs-
Step 1 :
The first layer is the slow feeding area, food in four different flower-shaped maze slow feeder plate, the dog will eat the food in each plate one by one, this process reduces the speed of eating also improves the dog's concentration, the plate inside and outside the two layers of the fence can prevent food splashing out
Step 2 :
When finished eating the food on the four plates on the surface, the first level is complete. The next exciting treasure hunt game began, want to eat hidden in the plate under the food, must be two bone-shaped lids (unlocking block) gripping out, you can see the chassis part of the grid of food, this process dog will take some time, use your brain, think of ways to remove the two bone-shaped lid, you can unlock the chassis of food!
Step 3 :
Your dog wants to eat the remaining 12 grids of food, you need the assistance of the paws, this is the third level: paws, nose to help turn the plate, the food hidden under the plate to reveal, eat all the food in the grid, the treasure hunt is completed, your dog that is a surprise and a reward, remember to reward it!
FUNNY DOG PUZZLE TOYS: This interactive dog toy is an entertaining treat dispenser that will prepare your dog for more challenging games. Not only needs the pet to smell the food but also moves the bones to get the food. Train and good for dog brain intelligence and strength.
LARGER SIZE: The larger size has more space for food capacity and better satisfied the amount of food for large dogs. The large space was easy to put bigger treat into it. Our dog puzzle toys cater to all sizes of dogs"
Dog Treat Maze Fun Interactive Game. Great for Engaging Solo Play.The size of the dog puzzle toys for large dogs is 14" * 14" * 2.5" (length, width, height), much larger than the size of the dog puzzle toys on the market, large size area to enhance the grip of the toy, we added four non-slip pads at the bottom of the interactive dog toys more effectively increase its anti-slip effect. If you have an energetic and mischievous and smart medium or large dog, you may wish to buy back to your dog, it is a perfect choice!
【Upgrade Dog Puzzle】Our dog puzzle toy is moderate level with more challenging ,difficult than level 2, not only easy slide steps, but require your dog's ability to learn sequential steps and combinations to seek hidden treats while keeping mental active .There are easy slide step and harder step in the puzzle box , dogs have to find a right way to move the red round sliders and the center parts for food, higher skills and mind required , great for the smart dogs.
【New Dog Puzzle Toys for Smart Dogs】 The dog brain game toy is designed bigger size than other dog puzzle toys, multiple steps game designed, special for smart dogs of puppy cats & other small animals, but also good for small MD dogs that need mental exercise & treat training.
【 Mental Excise & Boredom Buster】 Kinds of dogs and cats love the puzzle game of Spin & Slide and the Seek & Hide with their smell sense and paw skills to find food . Our advanced dog puzzle toy for dogs can keep smart dogs busy to fit it out with more thinking and activities , reducing pet's boredom , encourage dog & cat natural hunting instincts to be more active & healthy , less destructive behaviors at house.
【Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toys】Dog Puzzle game is interactive and easily for training your dogs in days. You would enjoy the time of dog interactive puzzle game with your pets, greatly improve relations with your pets and get fun during interactive dog games. In daily feeding , good to use it as a food treat-dispenser for pets fun feeding and treat training , and as well use it to be a food puzzle slow feeder to aid your dog’s digestion and prevent bloat by slow down feeding speed.

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