Emily Pets Dog Toothbrush Stick Toys For Dog(Tarquise Blue)Medium

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DOG TEETHING CHEW TOYS-Different heights and sizes of serrated molar particles can effectively cultivate and exercise the dog's chewing habits. The dog chew toy size of 5.9x1.9x1.9in is more suitable for small and medium-sized dogs under 30 pounds.
DENTAL CARE FOR PUPPIES -Ordinary pet toothbrushes can easily damage the dog’s gums if people are not mastered. An attractive and interesting toothbrush toy allows the dog to clean his teeth and easily remove annoying dental calculus.
ANXIETY RELIVE FOR BOREDOM -Bone-like chew toys can relieve the pet’s loneliness at home alone. It can not only consume the necessary exercise energy every day so as not to cause additional damage to furniture, clothes, etc., but also cultivate the dog’s learning ability.
TOOTHBRUSH &FOOD DISPENSING 2 IN 1-When you squeeze toothpaste into the teeth cleaning toy’s crooked cleaning tank, it will remove dirt from the surface and roots of dog's teeth during their relaxing time, maintaining a healthy oral state. You can also prepare some reward snacks in the tunnel for your lovely pets.
TOUGH RUBBER DOG TOYS-This dog toothbrush is made of non-toxic TPR material, which can resist dogs' long-time bites and is easy to clean. It is recommended that dogs be played for this chew toy no more than 30 minutes a day and should be carried out under the supervision of the owner.
The dog's favorite chewing toy is made of natural rubber material, durable and indestructible. It is more suitable for small and medium dogs. If your pet is aggressive, please use it under the supervision of the owner in the early stage;
To clean teeth, relieve anxiety and improve intelligence, EMILY PETS's dog teeth cleaning chew toys realize multi-functional integration and pay attention to the oral health of pets;
Bright color, bone like shape and milk fragrance, no mistake dog toy gift
Does your dog suffer from oral health problems, and the traditional toothbrush is always resisted by the dog?
Cleaning dog's teeth is not only because dog's teeth will become dirty, yellow or smelly, but also because if you neglect oral care, your dog will suffer from periodontal disease and other problems, which will cause more health problems of heart, kidney and liver disease
The dog toothbrush chew toy can let the dog massage the gums and clean the dirt while playing, so as to satisfy the dog's nature of grinding teeth and maintain a good gum environment. Rough molars bumps
Different sizes of molars protuberances can increase the friction force on the surface of the dog chew toy when chewing, remove the calculus and complete the comprehensive cleaning of the teeth dirt.Dog snack leakage passage
The channel can place small snacks, increase the dog's interest in dog toothbrush chew toys, release extra energy to pass the boring home time."

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