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Live or Artificial ? There is no right or wrong answer, which plants you choose are a matter of taste But have you ever Tired of taking on the role of live plants gardener as well as fish caretaker? Tired of strong flourescent lighting for aquarium live plants that trigger migraines? Tired of decay leaves detach and become jammed in the filter inlet and clog up entire filter system? Artificial plants will be a good choice for you! Express Your Personality Try placing decorations in different locations after each time you clean. Your fish will enjoy exploring the new setup and you can enjoy creating new nooks and crannies for them to discover. The possibilities are endless and you’ll never have to have the same setup twice! Easy To Install Rinse and soak the plant in warm water for 15-30 minutes, to relax the fabric and give them an even more realistic look. Place it into the aquarium, sinking the ceramic base into the gravel Easy To Decorate To create visual depth in the aquarium, place taller plants in the back of the tank and shorter plants in the front. Mix styles and colors of plants to create an aquarium unlike any other Easy To Clean Transfer plants from aquarium to a clean container, rinse in clean water, dry overnight, remove algae or deposits with a soft brush, make them look as good as new again. Never use soap or detergent when cleaning.SRI artificial coral is lifelike, amazing and beautiful which is extremely suitable for fish tank decoration.

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