Emily Pets Green Apple Dog Cat Shampoo and Conditioner 300 ml For Dog & Cat

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Just like you, your favourite pup needs a good wash and scrub to stay fresh and healthy. And whether your dog has sensitive skin or you’re looking to improve the look and feel of their coat, this Emily Pets pet shampoo and conditioner is designed to make bath time a breeze.ZERO harmful chemicals (unlike other dog shampoos) The only natural dog shampoo I’ll use on my own pets from puppy & kitty to senior dogs and cats! Plant derived ingredients are gentle on paw and nose and provide enhanced moisturizing! . This is the only shampoo we have found safe and effective. He loves the smell too!

  • 1. It mosturizes and restoes the coat, giving shininess and softness.
  • 2. Tangales can be removed without irrtating the skin.
  • 3. Green Apple Pet Shamopoo is a mild pH balanced shampoo for dog and cat made with extracts of Aloe Vera which cleanses the pets hairy coat and makes it soft and shiny. This mild and gentle pet shampoo is nourishing and moisturizing on you pet's skin. lozalo green apple conditioning dog shampoo is alos soft cleansing and provides skin protection for animals with sensitive skin. The wonderful green apple fragrance will linger on the hair coat for long time.
  • INSTRUCTIONS Wet Dog Thoroughtly With Water Take Little Quantity Of Shampoo, Rub lnto Coat Until a Luxurions Lather Of Foam is Bult up. Rines Thoroughly till The Lather is Washed Completely. Dry The Coat With Towel/Dryer.
  • INGREDIENTS Green Apple Ext., Neem Ext., Aloevera Ext., Borax, S.L.E.S, Coco Di, Coco Mono Flakes, Coco Betain, C-700, C.A.P.B, Glycryrine, E.G.M S, D.M Water & Presevatives.

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