Emily Pets Natural Attractive Mint Fragrance Funny Playing Catnip Toy For Cat (Pack of 3)

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Emily Pets Catnip Cat Toy contains high-potency catnip, a cat’s dream come true. House kitties might live inside, but they’re still on the hunt for elusive prey.

  • This catnip has thick stickers in the bottom, can be firmly stick on everywhere, such as wall, chair foot, floor, and etc, then it can prevent loss. And it is funny and Healthy for Playing.
  • Teeth cleaning and grinding function are conductive to keep your pet's oral health.
  • Catnip can attract the interest of pet cat, provides your pet cat funny play time.
  • Clean the mouth. Cats chew the plant fibers of catmint, penetrate into the cracks of teeth, help cats clean up residues, and are helpful in improving oral hygiene.
  • Excellent gift for your family or friends who have cats, or your own cats.

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