Emily Pets Natural Catnip Feather Treat Ball Toy For Cat (Pack of 3)

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This interactive ball is able of arising your cats' interest to exercise and the appetite. Not only that, it is perfect reduces their negative and destructive behavior by activating behaviors like running, jumping, rolling, playing and vocalizing. A good toy helps foster a b relationship between you and your pet.

  • Made of eco-friendly and environmental Catnip and Chicken Feather, which is totally safe for your pet and the environment.
  • Great way to change the bad biting behavior of cats, such as biting the shoes and furniture.
  • Provide adequate vita n supplementation.
  • Helps to spit the swallowed hair of your cat by licking.
  • Prevent your pet's unnec ary, anxious and destructive behavior to keep its mental health.

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