Non-Toxic Rubber Chew Toy For Petss (Multicolor, Pack of 3)

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Dogs love to chew especially when they are puppies, the teeth start growing making them feel addictive to bite anything that is chewable. It is very advisable to give your dog a chewable toy to make sure that they don't chew your valuables like shoes, pillows, etc. Which definitely is not a healthy sign. That is why goofy tails has brought this flavored rubber chew toys. Made of natural rubber, this dog chew toy is extremely durable even after millions of dog chews. This chew toy apart from helping your dog by acting as its prey, will also help you have a great time with your pet playing throw and fetch. The scented flavor is sure to test the sniffing sense of your dog to its core when you hide this toy from it.
Safe & Durable Dog Toys - The tough dog chew toy made from all-natural food-grade rubber and is BPA-free, safe and very durable for your Small pet chewing and playing.
SUPER DURABLE and LONG LASTING.These nearly indestructible dog toys will entertain your dog for hours unlike squeaky or plush toys that get destroyed in minutes.
Reduces Anxiety and Boredom - Dog Chew toys teaches good chewing habits while satisfying the natural urge to chew and reduces their anxiety and boredom. To avoid dog bite shoes, sofa, desk, and chair because of tusks right out, assembly unnecessary damage.
BEST GIFT FOR PETS:The toy ball is a perfect gift for your pet to fetch and play interact games with you.This dog chew toy can reduce the dog's destructive behavior, protect the home shoes, socks, sheets, sofa are not afraid of dog bite.

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