Emily Pets Nylone interactive Cat Toys with Feather and Bell,Cat Wand Toy(Green)

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here are Cat Wand Toys,Interactive Cat Teaser Wand Cat Feather Toys with Long Pole and Loud Bell for Cat Kitten.Cat interactive teaser wand toy,cat toys with tassels worms catcher for indoor outdoor cats

Cats love birds and birds have feathers! Watch your cat jump and pounce like a fully grown tiger
Feather wands help your cats keep active and do more exercise, increasing kitten’s interest and stimulate cat’s sense
Furniture Protector: the feather, ball and animal shape design are the cat's favorite and let them spend their most time on it to have no energy to destroy and scratch your furniture.
The cat toy interactive wands are made from safe, durable non-toxic, material. All dyes are non-toxic and safe for your cats
The exquisite color matching, good-looking, kitten is super like, and it is very comfortable when in close contact with it
Effectively encourage cats to do more exercise, such as flip, jump, surprise, chase or wander.

With the cat feather stick, you can flip them in the air and they love to chase them. Play with your cat and have a wonderful time together which can shorten the distance between you and your cat.
Interactive cat toys:This interactive cat toy design with colorful tassels,durable wand and bell. The cat stick can help your cat stay active and more exercise, increased interest in kittens and cats feel excited, so funny cat is no longer your manual labor.
quality and safe:This cat toy interactive wand is made of safe, durable and non-toxic materials. Using acrylic material, and with a bell, colorful, can effectively grab the cat's attention.
Play together: Cat toy is an interactive toy that can strengthen the relationship between you and your cat. When your pet plays with these toys, always supervise them.
Keep Healthy:Cat will flip, jump, pounce, chase, and prowl these feather teaser toys, which can keep your cat healthy and fit for life. And the feather toy has bells which keep the cats attention.
Perfect gift: The colorful catcher pet toy tease is perfect gift for your cat, so your cat alive, happy to enjoy time together and cats

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