Emily Pets Pet Slow Feeder and Interactive Toy for Cat and Dog

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Name: Flying saucer / missing ball Material: high quality PP Weight: 0.5kg Application: 2.5-50KG cats and dogs Be applicable: 1. Home life, 2. Outdoor travel, 3. Pet Store Package includes: 1 * pet flying saucer feeding ball (No dog food, no other items) 1. [Feeding function] The toy has leaky holes to allow pets to eat during play and continue to attract pets 2. [Frisbee Function] Toys can be used outdoors as Frisbee, multiple uses of a toy 3. [Toy Function] The gameplay is simple and fun, so that pets do not damage 4. [Bite resistance] Made of special anti-bite material for pets, which can resist the bite of large dogs, and pets of all sizes can be used 5. [Improve intelligence] and [Multiple uses]Let pets learn to play this product independently, which can effectively improve pet IQ. Cats and dogs can be used. In addition to putting dog food, you can also put bells or glowing balls to attract cats

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