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Product Name: Cat Scratch Board Material: corrugated paper Scope of application: all cats Size: 26 * 32 * 12 cm Weight: 0.500 kg Features: Cat nails prevent breakage of furniture and breakage of nails Manufactured with recycled paper materials, can degrade by nature after being discarded. It is a good green material. High-density double-layer corrugated paper not only has outstanding resistance to bending and bending, but also greatly improves scratch-resistant performance. Help the cat to scratch the claws without scratching the claws, and the cat can play for longer. The new world where the people of the comet grinds its claws and plays, can play, sleep and enjoy their private space. Send catnip 1 pack of five effects, a package to help, eliminate hair balls, healthy stomach, clean mouth, vitamin supplement, estro decompression, How to use: Put a part of the cat in the cat trap toy table. The unique Catnip scent will attract your cat and make the cat interested. Tips: Do not use on kittens or pregnant female cats Not all cats respond to catnip, 90% of the correct cat will respond Do not give too much catnip each time, which is equivalent to the size of the small cap of the thumb. If the cat is "sucking" once, it will cause difficulty in breathing; Catnip is an irritant herb. The adaptability of pets varies. Please, use them carefully.

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