Slow Feed and Double diner Bowl

Color: Pink
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The best lovely and useful bowls for your pet 1, Cute and stop bloating! This lovely bowl is perfectly designed to slow down dog's eating and helps improving your puppy's digestion. Preventing bloating and avoiding canine obesity which are real serious issue for pets. It's cute a visual enjoyment for both you and your pets! If your dog is a feeder and loves to inhale it's food, it's time to change his/her bowl now! 2,Non-skid. The bottom of the bowl has 4 small rubber grips to keeping the bowl in place. 3,Safe It is made of human-grade polypropylene. Does not contain BPA or BHT. You can easily clean it by your dishwasher, just make sure to put it in the top rack. 4,Size The food bowl has roughly 1 cup of dry dog food in them. 5, Water and food bowl as a set! When the puppy is thirsty, they can always find water next their food to drink. The stainless steel bowls is completely removable. Specifications & Details: Color:Green or Pink or Blue Material: PP & Stainless Steel Package: 1 x Dog bowls set.

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