Cat Litter

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Size: 6 Litre
Flavour: Original
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Features :-

  • 100% Nature, Harmless if pet swallowed.
  • Toilet friendly, Flushable and biodegradable
  • Super Clumping, faster and harder
  • Super absorbency, extra durability No dust, protect pet respiratory tract
  • It does not affect the usage if the vacuum packing leaked during transport.

                                INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

1. Make sure the tray is completely clean and dry. Fill your tray with bentonite cat litter, maintaining a depth of 6-8cm. 

2. Place the litter tray in an appropriate place. Immediately after your cat has paid a visit, a clump is formed. 

3. Dispose of only the soiled clumps and continue to use the remaining litter. 

4. Refill with the required quantity of fresh cat litter to maintain a depth of 6-8cm.

5. Approximately once a week, the tray should be completely emptied and cleaned.



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