Emily Pets Vinyl Smile Squeaky Pet Toy Dog Puppy Chew Funny Lips & Teeth Sound Activity(Yellow,Red,Black,Pink)

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Color: Yellow
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Easy for the puppy to carry around in the mouth, provides great fun and exercise and is a safe and non-toxic toy providing hours of fun. This toy is one of the best types of chew toys for puppies. As new teeth poke through will stimulate your puppy's gums and provide teething relief. Exciting squeak sound that pets love. Easy to clean with soap and water- Simply rinse this toy with soap and water. Note*Not recommended for dogs with any adult teeth.
Fun Lips And Teeth Dogs Smile Squeak Toy Novelty Ball Pugs Labs Spaniels Boxers.
Great Squeaky toy for the dog in your life.
Thick set plastic with a squeak inside the smile.
Check out your dogs human like smile with this in their mouth!.
Material: Soft Plastic,Vinyl PVC.

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