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They’ll Thank You With A Wag Or A Purr If pets could speak, there’s no doubt they’d gush and say “thank you!” when you gift them this soothing specialty bed. A perfect resting spot for small to medium dogs and cats, furry friends revel in its luxurious nestling feel and tufted velvet surface. A Pleasing Fit For Pets & Décor Place the accommodating 27.5'' x 24.5'' x 8.5' cushioned dog cot in a convenient place and it looks sweetly elegant among your home’s other furnishings. With four beautiful & tasteful color choices, there’s sure to be one or two that look lovely in your home, car, travel camper, or other pet-friendly location. Supportive Relaxation Through The Years Energetic young puppies dig, chew, and then collapse into a quick nap…while dignified senior dogs rest their sugarfaces peacefully on the bed’s bolstered sidewalls. Count on your Modern Threads bed to stay strong through it all. It has the ideal mix of super-durable fabric & construction with ultra-plush tactile appeal for delicate paws. Easy Cleaning Is A Real Treat It’s a joy to see your dog thoroughly enjoying their beautiful new bed, strutting through the handy doorway and curling up looking oh-so-cute & content. What makes it even better is the easy-breezy maintenance of their new favorite accessory. Just toss the bed into a gentle cold-wash machine cycle regularly then tumble dry or set in the sunlight. Pawsitively simple! At The Intersection of Luxury & Functionality At Modern Threads, we make our collection of bedding and décor with quality materials that last through any season. Every item is hand designed by artists in our cozy California studio. Enhance your home with luxurious products and turn the tranquil oasis of your dreams into an everyday reality.

1.Your Pet Deserves A Cozy Bed: Your lovable little friend has a special new place to curl up and rest. Treat your precious dog or cat to luxury with a Modern Threads bed. Ideal for small to medium sized furry friends, it has a dreamy cloud-like base cushion and supportively soft side-walls, with a special lowered front entryway making it easy for them to step right in.

2.Like A Supportive Velvet Hug: Petite family members get an exceptionally neat place to curl up and relax or slumber. (Measuring 27.5'' x 24.3'' x 8.5' Inch) your elegant dog bed fits beautifully even in tiny spaces. Its velvety plush raised rims give your pet the secure feeling they love, like a gentle hug with a well-placed low wall to support them or rest their fuzzy chin. Sure to become their go-to spot for restorative leisure.

3.From Puppy Playtime To Senior Snoozes: With exquisite craftsmanship and durable chew-proof materials, expect to have your Modern Threads pet bed through years of loyal companionship. The plush fabric is gentle on your dog’s nose and paw pads, yet surprisingly resilient to withstand nibbling and burrowing dig actions. Let it cradle them in softness from their rambunctious young pup days to their sunny golden dog years.

4.Easy Upkeep Fur The Win: Your dog or cat gets a delightful sleep oasis and you get an easy-to-maintain pet accessory. While the rich velour fabric may look like it requires a special delicate cleaning treatment, all it takes to keep it looking new is a gentle machine wash then a low tumble-dry. How frequently you wash it depends on how often your pets use the bed, their eating habits, and their fur shedding propensity—simply check it regularly then freshen up as needed.

5.Rely On Modern Threads For Your Luxurious Bedding & Décor: At Modern Threads, we employ fine, luxury materials and stylish, contemporary colors to craft your bedding and décor. Each fine home product is planned meticulously in our sunny California design studio. Make us your go-to for contemporary & comfortable linens and more. We’re committed to providing you with superior quality products because you deserve nothing short of the best!

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