Reflective Dog Leash with Soft Padded Handle for Dog

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Enjoy outdoor adventures with your furry friend with the PetSafe Walk-Along Outdoor Harness. Your dog will stay comfortable while wearing this harness with padded chest straps. Reflective accents provide extra visibility while you and your pup are on the go. You can use the Walk-Along Outdoor Harness as a standard harness or use the front attachment as a no-pull harness. The water-resistant, zippered pouch centered on top of the harness is big enough to hold the essentials such as your wallet, car keys, phone or poop bags. The Walk-Along Outdoor Harness eliminates the worry that comes with saddle bag harnesses when trying to even the weight out on both sides. The size and location of this small pouch prevents the possibility of adding too much weight and overheating your dog during walks. At the end of a fun-filled day, safely secure your best friend in the car using the handle that doubles as a seat belt tether. The harness is available in three sizes- small, medium and large. Be sure to check the sizing guide before you purchase to determine the best fit for your pet.

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