Wooden Dumbbells For Pets

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Size: Small-160g
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Perfect workout toy for dog W5.5,L13.3,H5CM(Small,160gm)
Perfect workout toy for dog W6.5,L18.3,H5.9CM(Medium,320gm)
Perfect workout toy for dog W8,L20.7,H7CM(Large,430gm)

  • Wooden dumbbell is for use in training dogs to retrieve
  • Ideal training tool
  • It is robust and insensitive
  • Material: wood

The dumbbell is a heavy toy that can withstand all sorts of tossing and is particularly durable. A toy for your pet dog, solid wood, that can be tossed as is durable against thumps. They are the perfect workout.The Emily Pets Wooden Dumbbell Training Dog Toy is ideal for use in training dogs to recover.

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