Why Is Slicker Brush Important For Pets?

Benefits of Using a Slicker Brush:

1.Removes Mats and Tangles: Regular brushing can help prevent mats from forming, especially in pets with longer fur.

2.Reduces Shedding: Brushing your pet regularly helps keep their coat healthy and reduces hair on furniture and clothing.

3.Stimulates Skin and Fur: Regular grooming sessions can improve your pet’s overall skin health and coat condition.

4.Improves Circulation: The brushing action improves blood circulation, which can enhance the health of your pet’s skin and fur.

5.Detects Parasites and Skin Issues: Regular brushing allows you to check for parasites like fleas and ticks, as well as skin issues like rashes or lumps.

6.Strengthens Bonding: Grooming sessions are a great way to bond with your pet, providing them with comfort and showing them love.

Our Slicker Brush Benefits:

Emily Pets pet Grooming Brush is made for everyday grooming and detangling

You’ll love this slicker pin brush just as much as your beloved dog or cat! That's because this grooming brush gently massages your pet while raking up old dead hair, undercoat dander and trapped dirt. That means less shedding on your home furniture, clothing, and floors.


What if my pet doesn't like this dog and cat hair brush?

You can guide with snack, lengthen the grooming time every day, our self-cleaning slicker brush is gentle and not stimulating, your cute pet will gradually like it.

How to reduce the pain during brushing?


  1. Hold the hair root with one hand, comb along the direction of hair growth with the other hand;
  2. When the hair knots are serious behind the ears and on the neck, the movements should be gentle;
  3. Comb the long hair layer by layer, turning the outer layer over and combing the inner layer.

    How To Use :

Step1: Brush your pet with gentle move.

Step2: Click the button.

Step3: Remove the hair from the pet brush.

1. Before starting a grooming session, always wait until your cat is laying relaxed on the floor.

2. Pet her/him a minute before beginning brushing.

3. Let them sniff the brush before you begin working on their fur.

4. Do not pull out the hair forcibly to avoid causing pain to your pet. If the hair tie is serious, cut the knot first and then comb it.

5. Use a light touch! Remember that they have sensitive skin, so GO LIGHTLY!

6. You can guide with snacks. Eventually, he will trust you and the pet hairbrush.

7. Keep it away from your pet or young child when they're not with you.


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