Happy cats are the prettiest ones

Your little kitty baby might not be well versed with your own local language but can show you through her communication skills if she feels happy or sad. 

Cats are the most lively pets as they can spend hours in your lap and even on a cat tree, depending on her mood. They would want all of your attention , no matter what! They are unpredictable, one moment they are under your legs, rubbing them against you and the other moment they will be hiding, sneaking behind your sofa or office table. 

Depending on their mood swings and other daily activities, how would you know if your cat is really happy?? 

Let me tell you some secrets about your little kitty baby, how does she feel when she behaves or does all of these things. 

Lots of Purring

Purring is a great sign of love and contentment, when your cat is purring, she is relaxing herself and you too otherwise so, if she does a lot of it at unusual times, it might be a sign of distress or injury.  In that case, you might see a doctor.

Meows and Talk-Talk

Your kitty is really happy when she talks to you through her meows, this means your cat is a chatty little kitty. She talks back with you and wants all of your attention. 

Chirpy Chirruping

A little trilling sound of your cat means she is chirruping, if she does that it means she wants you to follow her everywhere she goes!

She would want you to be following her to anywhere she wants to go ( maybe a candy shop?) 

Eating Properly

A healthy cat is a happy cat. If your cat is eating properly and regularly, it means your kitty is happy and content. A normally happy cat would eat with her parents around and relish every meal as a treat. If not, it's time to visit the doctor to see what is wrong! Find here for pet supplies for cats

Tails Tales

When your little kitty is happy, the tail is up in the air or even a small curve at the end of the tail means your cat is really excited and enjoying around.

Relaxing and Welcoming

Happy cats relaxes well and keep stretching long up and down, their body posture is in a relaxing position while a furious cat will hunk you down , and will show you a defensive posture , ready to fight kind of position. 

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Playful and Just Happy

If your cat is playing with the soft stuff toys, just playful with everything around, your kitty is happy. As stressed and sad cat would avoid you and people around , and will be less interactive and less noisy.

Paws and Cuddles

Your cat will use her paws and will knead it under the bed, your stomach or a blanket, these behaviour is usually a sign of contentment and happiness.

Regular Grooming

A cat who will be easy and all comfortable getting groomed in front of you is a happy cat. Regular grooming helps pets or cats happy and full.

Snuggles and Sleeping

Your kitty will tell you how she wants to be with you.!Her behaviour will be the most important sign which will show you how she feels, though every cat is different.

Some like to sit near you and some like to sit on you and cuddle all the time , some like to have all your attention and sit on your lap!

All of these are signs of a happy cat.

Cat Kiss

A cat kiss is a sign of affection towards you. If a cat makes eye contact with you and slowly blinks the eye, it means she is having some sort of connection and affection with you. Now, its it's your turn to blink back slowly to show your love.

Greets you and Arches up

If your cat comes to the door to receive you, when you come back home or see you off while you leave it means your cat is happy to have you around and arches up to you when you meet your cat for chin scritches. This is a sign of a happy cat.

Indoor or outdoor

Many kitties like to stay indoor while some like it outside, so having your kitty's behavior in mind. You need to be watchful of she reacts and behaves when she is indoor or outdoor.

These are some of the behaviors when you can know about your cat and how they feel.

They don't require a very big space or a very different environment.  They just need a comfortable , easy and clean litter box around , toys to play, cat trees to climb etc. . They choose their favorite spots on their own in your house or apartment, they protect your space , they just need a space to nap, play, hide and investigate around all your shopping bags, regular vaccinations and a secured environment. 

If your cat is still not happy, vet visit is the only option which becomes necessary in such a case.