What do these animals need? "Just Love"

Yes, it's true! Animals need our love and just a little bit of our attention and they will keep coming back to you wagging their tails.

Giving them a day from your busy schedules would not only make you feel like a different day but it would be meaningful to you and them as well.

We all are naturally emotional , excited and full of feelings and emotions which starts triggering fast when we cuddle someone very close to our heart or love them back. Our feelings start drooling over and over with those we love and care about.

What if one of such days, where you usually spend your day with friends and family, you decide to visit an animal shelter? 

We are always asked to be kind towards other human beings! Nobody talks about these speechless and homeless creatures! All they need is your time and affection, your compassion for them would make them feel loved and hopeful , as there are so many abandoned cows, buffaloes , bulls and other cattle who are put to these shelter homes when of no use including other pet dogs and animals. 

You can bring them food and plush toys , you can play with them and clean them, buy clothes in winters, such gestures and connections are not always important when done with fellow human beings but should be done with animals too. Who knows? You might feel like adopting them after that. 

When you visit an animal shelter, you may witness things that are not easily seen even in zoo's. Many species live their lives with others and there is an interspecies friendship going on which is a rare sight to see. 

If you have a special occasion like your Birthday, anniversary , new job . You can spend your day with these animals buying them food, medications , bedding materials , toys and everything they need instead of splurging your money on fancy parties and dinners. 

Spending your entire day here means creating memories for these animals as these shelters are their heaven homes, they feel safe and sound in these shelter homes. When you visit them , they might even want to see you more often and that's how you can be friends with them and that is how their life is made. 

Animals are the only creatures who do not expect back anything in return. When you visit an animal shelter, you will probably forget all your worries and tensions of your daily life . Making new friends is a good sign and when you visit an animal shelter, you might also meet like minded people like you who are animal-loving folks. 

You may visit an animal shelter for once but when you do, you might want to come again and again because these animals have such an aura .Their love is infectious as they are so innocent, loving, forgiving , trusting and their energy is so positive that you would want to kiss them, cuddle them and even bring them home. 

With our daily lives being so fast and quickly changing  with time, we have our own troubles , office issues, home quarrels and tensions. It's easier to lose sight of the natural beauty we have around ourselves. A single visit to the animal shelter will make you forget your own issues and reallocate you with a new sense of inspiration giving you a new perspective in life as these animal shelters are fun and frolic. A dog playing with his tail continuously , a three legged animal frolicking around, a cow lactating an abandoned baby calf, a monkey busy eating the food spread around trying to keep in touch with the paralyzed cat and playing with it.

 You can also bring in some  pets to visit them or even give them a home for the homeless, only after taking permission from the authorities of the shelter.

 Bringing some food for the animal community and playing their favorite games around will always cheer them up and they will feel that there is still hope left in this world and that they are loved back. 

Spending a day with them will make you feel a lot has changed in a day, positively and yes, animals do give us a purpose in our lives, unknowingly. They will bring a purpose in your life and you will realize the changes soon after meeting them. They will make you feel the most important person when you love them back and care for them. 

Sometimes, we want to adopt a pet but we can't because of elderly people at our home or small children and sometimes because we live in apartments which are not pet friendly or where pets are not permitted.  In such scenarios also, we can visit animal shelters. Most animal shelters are regularly looking for volunteers who can help with walking, scrutinizing, feeding and socialization .

These types of volunteer jobs are always available in nearby shelters and are even worth taking for. You may feel lonely around people but  never around animals. They will always love you back and give you all the attention one needs.

Animal shelters are not one time go to places, they supply us with lifetime best friends and an unlimited supply of unconditional love, We don't have to go and do our formal thing that we do when we visit a family or friend rather just visit this place like a second home. Not only do we ourselves feel like we have attained a great sense of inspiration but we even help these rescued/abandoned pets feel they have a family person out there who constantly visits them and love them back. 

Visiting an animal shelter is great sense of responsibility and one should never escape from such things if he/she loves pet, they should visit such places and spend quality time with these animals and make them feel safe and well cared and observed from time to time.