Scratch Board With Ball For Cats & Kittens

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Satisfies your cat’s natural instinct to scratch, sparing your furniture. Completely non-toxic to ensure your pet is perfectly safe. Using our scratcher cardboard could help your kittens to stay healthy and happy.

  • DURABLE & NATURAL MATERIAL :- Made of heavy duty corrugated and 100% recycled cardboard. It is also safe and non-toxic. Even the glue used in the construction is corn-starch. Perfectly healthy for your adorable cats.
  • SAVE YOUR FURNITURE :- Satisfied cat's scratching instinct, bring your favorite furry friend the healthy claws. Saving your furniture and carpets from the cats since they are the “natural cardboard” at home.
  • BELL BALL :- Cat scratcher cardboard with bell ball to attract and active your cats.
  • SIZE REFERENCE :- 32cm L x 13.5cm W x 4cm H

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