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  • 【DURABLE QUALITY】The cat’s feather toy is made of natural feathers + metal bells + metal wire + plastic handle. The cat’s metal wire is more flexible and can interact with pets flexibly. This is also the ideal interactive toy
  • 【Safe Material】Feather toys for cats, natural feathers are made of safe and non-toxic dyes, which are friendly to cats The crisp sound of natural feathers and bells can attract pets’ attention and inspire cats’ wildness
  • 【SCOPE COPE OF APPLICATION】High-quality funny cat toys, light and easy to carry funny cat sticks, can interact in larger areas such as home, indoor, outdoor, office, etc
  • 【Caution】When playing with cats or other pets, please always supervise your cats or pets. When not in use, please keep the toys in a safe place 1. Prevent pets from eating by mistake, 2. Improve the service life of toys.

Are you looking for ways to improve interaction with cats or pets? Most of the problems with domestic cats or other pets are caused by boredom, so you can choose our high-quality cat toys to increase the interaction time with the cat, so as to consume the energy of the cat or other pets and avoid the cat's bad behavior, interaction It can also improve the enthusiasm and health of the cat during the period. No more hesitation! Try it now!

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