Dog Chew Ball Interactive Toy(Medium)

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The whole is made of rubber, which is a safe material, and can be washed with water. As it is a toy that pets chew and play with, it is easy to get germs and dirt and can be easily washed.The stuffed food and snacks come out little by little, which is useful for educational purposes. Depending on how you pack it, you can set the difficulty level according to your dog. If you pack food and snacks and give it, your dog can play longer and double the joy.You can do dental care while playing, and there are various ways to play such as throwing and rolling, you can satisfy your pet's chewing instinct, and you can relieve your pet's lack of exercise and stress.Mouth Clean Toys-Cleans plaque and plaque, creating clean teeth and a clear oral environment.The design is interesting, and when the dog bites it makes a sound, which attracts the dog's interest. You can train your dog indoors or outdoors. It comforts the dog's anxiety and enhances the feelings with the pet.

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