Flushable Poop Bags-30Pcs

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  • PET SOFT POOP BAGS-Pet Soft dog poop bags with 2 layers, the inner paper and outlayer plastic bags are great to deal with pooch waste; the thickness and quality of the poop bags won't let you fell poop is going to touch your skin
  • FLUSHABLE INNER BAGS-The inner is toilet paper which can be solved easily; instead of taking poop bags to the nearest dog waste station you can flush the inner paper into toilet; and free your home from the horrible smell and bacteria
  • PLASTIC OUTSIDE BAGS-The outlayer of the poop bag for dogs is great for leak-proof; it can lock in not only the poo but also the odors after you tie the bag; so as you taking it home to deal with or to the next municipal trash can, no mess up
  • NO SMELL AT HOME-Putting the flushable paper into the toilet the unexpected scent also away, if the plastic bag is dirty too, please tie it again and throw it into dustpan, which can hold last odors; if it is still clean, you can reuse it to hold turd or cat's litter
  • MULTIUSAGE DOG WASTE BAGS-The size of the pick-up poop bags flushable are 32.5*17.5cm(12.5*7 inches); there are 30 single bags in one pack, it can be used when you cleanning dog's toilet, playing with your puppies in the partio or walking outdoors

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