Litter Box For Pets

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  • Make it easier for your pet to go to the toilet.
  • The included shovel makes it easier to clean, clean and clean; not getting stained all over the house.
  • The curved lid inwards helps to prevent the toilet sand from splashing when the pet goes to the toilet.
  • You can pour sanitary sand or deodorant pads underneath the tray to remove the odor of feces and urine.
  • The cat litter is very convenient for families in the city that do not have a lot of space.
Sanitary Trays For Cats Thanh Cao with a stool shovel is a product used to store cat litter, helping the cat to go to the toilet in the right place. The product is made from non-toxic PP plastic, safe for people and pets. Sanitary Trays For Cat Thanh Cao have a rectangular shape with 4 corners, a very modern high wall

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