Dog Cat Interactive Tumbler Toy Treat Ball Pet Slow Feeder Food Dispenser Feeding Toy Dog Puzzle Toy for Pets

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Pet Feeding Toy, Dog Cat Treat Ball, Tumbler Toy with Self Feeding Function, IQ Active Stimulation, Slow Feeder, Dog Puzzle Toy, Interactive Dog Cat Toy. Bestio pet feeding toy is a pet tumbler toy that can load with pet treat, treat falls out to reward pets and make them keep playing with it, turn their attention from destroying furnitures etc., can help reduce your pets boredom and destructive behaviorpets, increases their IQ, develope and maintain pets physical alertness so as to fulfill their hunting instincts by the entertainment, interactive games and exercise they get when they playing with Bestio tumbler feeding toy. Good ideas to make your pets active, happy and health.

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