Emily Pets Basic Comb for Dog, Cat (Red, Blue)

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Perfect for gently combing your small pet's fur for flea removal. Also rakes the hair to loosen tangles, knots, mats. ? TIGHT PATH SIDE: Recommended for flea egg removal. Allows you to safely ""rake"" the skin to remove tiny flea eggs hiding out. ? Double The Cleaning Power In One Comb - Lightweight Multipurpose Pet Grooming Tool, Saves Space, Eliminates Clutter De-clutter your grooming tool kit or space some drawer space with our unique 2-in-1 flea comb for dogs & cats. This single tool takes care of flea combing from start to finish. It's like getting 2 tools for the price of 1! Now that's modern convenience at its best! ? Safe, All Natural Flea Rid Combing Utensil - Non-Toxic, Pet-Safe, Pain-Free Flea Removal Tool for At Home Pet Grooming Smart pet owners who choose not to use toxic flea dips or flea killer sprays trust our metal flea comb with plastic handle for the safe grooming of their furry best friends. When used for combing regularly, you should have no problem keeping your pet flea-free.

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