Emily Pets Chew Toys For Dogs (Multi Color, Pack of 3)

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These toys help reduce anxiety in dogs and stop them from chewing on furniture & personal belongings, satisfies dog's natural urge to chew as dogs can chew for hours. * Rope Dog Chew Toys have thick and tight knots, which makes it long-lasting, even for aggressive chewers. * Bone Shape Cotton Rope will attract your pets and busy them other activities.

  • Puppy Teething Chew Toys-Puppies have strong chewing desire during teething, these chew toys can help dogs keep massage the gums and control plaque and tartar, the rope fiber can help to floss dog's teeth as they chew and effectively promote oral health.
  • High Quality-Puppy toys for small dogs and medium dogs, Good material, hand made, Our latest dog toys set includes dog rope toys And Rubber Toy, These dog toys have great variety and can satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and maintain physical and mental health
  • Safe Dog Rope Toys-Dog ropes made of 100% nature washable cotton, which are non-toxic, safe for your pet chewing and playing. Our cotton threads are thin, but tough and durable. The dog rope is not intended to be indestructible if your dog is an extremely aggressive chewer. Only play under supervision.
  • NON-TOXIC -- Cotton toys are made of soft and durable cotton material. Non-toxic cotton, even with some synthetic floss, can't obstruct the intestinal tract.
  • DO EXERCISE: Play catch or tug of war games with your four legged friends, it will bring you two closer together, and your dogs should be more happy and healthy. This Combo Specially Made for puppies.

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