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Clean up after your furry friend more efficiently Large Deluxe Cat Litter Scoop with Waste Bag Handle. This 2-in-1 scoop features a large bucket design for easy sifting and comes with extra-large waste bags to dispose of the kitty droppings. The bags fit right into the handle of the scoop for convenience and reload through the top. Make cleaning your litter box a quicker task with the Fresh Kitty Large Deluxe Cat Litter Scoop with Waste Bag Handle.

Plastic shovel for collecting feces with a container for bags for dogs and cats:
- Perfect as a farces collector when walking with a pet and as a scoop for a cat litter box
- Made of reinforced plastic
- An open container for bags placed in the handle, thanks to which they are always at hand
- Easy to remove bags
- All types of bags for excrement fit on the shovel
- Special spikes on the bottom of the shovel facilitate the collection of dirt
- Side walls prevent litter from falling out

Set contains:

- A spatula with a container for bags in the handle
- 20 bags for feces.
Litter scoop that makes cleaning up after your kitty easy and quick.
Features a large bucket design for simple sifting.
Comes with waste bags to dispose of your pet's waste.
Convenient way to clean your litter box.
with 20 plastic bags to remove cat feces easily.

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