Emily Pets Dog Attractive Rope Toy For Medium and Larger Breed(Color May Vary)

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Rope Toy keeps dogs' teeth and gums healthy while providing long-lasting tugging fun. The tug toy fights plaque and controls tartar by featuring Cotton Blend Material. Dogs stay happy and healthy with the non-invasive and non-irritating fibers that gently clean teeth and gums. The Polyester and durable all-natural cotton fibers hold up to games of tug-of-war and last longer without fraying. The two knots on the rope toy and the gripped ball allow for better grip during tug-of-war. The Bark Products toy is available in medium, large, and extra large to accommodate all types of dogs. The natural cotton fibers can gently floss in between the dog’s teeth for deeply cleaning, maintain the dog’s oral health. Doggies get teeth cleaning, gums massage, and stress relief by change of state rope toys. they will keep healthy and happy each day! You'll be able to play a range of interactive games along with your dog, these toys will offer your dog hours of amusement and exercise, and divert the eyes from the article of furniture and shoes to the dog toys, that conjointly facilitate to create a much better robust with an improved relationship between you!

  • WOVEN COTTON MATERIAL: Made of washable pure cotton fibers which is safe, nontoxic, and healthy for pets, and gentle on pet's mouth yet tightly-twisted for durability and less noisy for tough biting, chewing, and play.
  • HEALTH AND ACT BENEFITS: The cotton rope toy can help clean dirt in pets’ teeth and gums and improve the dental hygiene and also satisfy their natural instinct to chew to correct bad biting behavior and prevent chewing damage of furniture, mats and shoes.
  • IMPROVE INTERACTIVITY: This chew toy ball promotes exercise and fun, increases interaction between furry pets and owners, and is good for enjoying a pleasant and interesting time of playing games of fetch and keeping a closer relationship.
  • PERFECT FOR DOGS’ PLAY AND FUN: This treat ball will keep your dog entertained and occupied and increase your Dog’s IQ while they are left alone during the day, which is helpful for encouraging active independent play, controlling aggressive chewers.
  • HEAVY DUTY ROPE: Designed for medium to large dogs and aggressive chewers, this virtually indestructible dog toy is more resistant and durable than our competitors, but they're not indestructible. Play only under supervision if your dog is a very aggressive chewer.

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