Emily Pets Dog Brush Pet Grooming Tools, 2 Sided Bristle Grooming Brush Long For Pets

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Beautician recommended double-sided pet brush tool - professional or at home - the perfect choice for your dog beauty.

  • Integrated comb brush: one side has a pin and the other side has soft hair. This is a typical pet brush for dogs, cats and other furry animals. No need to keep multiple pet brushes – you only need one
  • Pin side for removing corners: one side of the dressing appliance is provided with a small metal pin, which can slide on the pet's hair to remove tangles along the way. The back of the pad makes it a unique anti-static needle brush
  • For a smooth mane: the other side of the brush shows a soft mane. They never scratch or irritate the pet's sensitive skin. Instead, they are smooth to enhance gloss
  • Promote hair health: when regularly used as a pet brush to comb the hair of your dog or cat, this double-sided pet brush can help you maintain the beautiful luster of your pet's hair to ensure that he / she looks the most beautiful
  • Non slip brush handle: unlike most cat and dog pet brushes, this brush is upgraded to non slip brush handle. It's easy to grasp and grasp, so as to prevent accidents when your cat or dog combs at home.

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