Emily Pets Dog Undercoat Rake Tool, Dog Dematting Tool Safety Handle For Pets(Black)

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More information about Tools-2-Groom Velcro Comb Plastic Handle Tools-2-Groom Velcro Comb Plastic Handle The Tools-2-Groom Velcro Comb with Plastic Handle measuring 17.5 x 6.5 x 2.2 cm is a handy velcro rake for groomers for tangles in the fur of dogs and cats.

  • 1 PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMING RAKE - VETERINARIAN APPROVED - The best undercoat rake for large dogs to reach for when you need to remove tough tangles, knots, and hair mats for long haired dogs & cats. With regular use, Tuff Pupper's undercoat comb gently removes loose dead hair, dander and trapped dirt eliminating those difficult tangles, mats and knots forever.
  • SAFE & GENTLE SHEDDING RAKE - Our pet cat & dog combs for grooming long hair are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Providing long sharp teeth allows for easy cutting while preventing pulling hairs relieving your pet of any discomfort. Our rounded "Comfort End Blades" ensure you and your pet a safe grooming session.
  • DEMATTING BRUSH with COMFORT-GRIP ANTI-SLIP HANDLE - Our matted cat hair remover for long hair fur breeds provides a rubberized grip, allowing for a confident grip even with wet hands. Thumb rest guard prevents leverage if needed and protection from blades. Our dematting rakes ergonomic design prevents hand and wrist strain for all day use for professional groomers.
  • A COMFORTABLE AND PLEASANT EXPERIENCE - All veterinarians recommend regular grooming to their pet owners. Regular use of Tuff Pupper's dog combs for dematting provide your pet with a soft and shiny coat. Regular quality grooming time with your pet will ensure they learn grooming is a pleasant experience and will look forward to being combed!
  • WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE — Because we’re animal lovers, TuffPupper has been voted time and time again as being #1 in customer satisfaction.

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