Emily pets Flea Comb Perfect for Dogs and Cats, White

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Emily Pets Fleas are painful for your cat or dog. When fleas bite, they can cause a flea allergy dermatitis, which causes itching, making your furry friend scratch and bite. If you're looking for an easy solution Buy this Electric Comb now.This Comb removes the fleas and ticks naturally with 99.99% accuracy as claimed on TV. Try it out and prevent using chemical on your gentle pets. The product not only kills the ticks but also gives simulation and massage affect to your pet. So you don't need an extra comb for grooming. Also we have made it in on special order the ones previous to this were very noisy but the new ones has no sound at all Infact you won't even feel it's working. Apart from that to make it safe we have removed the USB charging in which the batteries which were used has a risk of exploding and the new version works on simple battery 1.5v which you can take from any general store. For longer life and better performance we advice Duracell and Everybody. Even if your pooch doesn't have ticks and is still itching this device comes handy there as well. Because sometimes there are parasites and fleas which lay eggs on your pets body and vanish with temperatures going low the device will remove all the dryness and flakes. As a pet parent we see it as a one time investment and it does wonders in all seasons.

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