Emily Pets Grooming Brush With One-Click Cleaning Function Professional Shedding Tool For Dogs and Cats(Green,Pink,Sky Blue)(Small,Medium,Large)

Size: Small
Color: Green
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FEATURES- One-click cleaning loose hair, general for cats and dogs. Available in multiple colors, simple design. Tough and durable, can easily comb hair knot. With comfortable handle and hanging hole.Premium material and ergonomic design provide comfortable one-handed operation, make combing more effortless. The tightly arranged pins can easily close to the surface of skin, make combing hair like massage and SPA. How to use 1. For first use, gently grooming your pet’s hair, do not apply a lot of pressure.

  • Effectively reduces shedding by up to 90%, suitable for both cat and dogs. Remove floating hair and take care of pet’s skin, easy to clean with one-click cleaning design.
  • With this pet grooming brush, can deeply comb and clean up pet’s floating and dead hair, which will not only be easy but also bring feeling of massage to your pet.
  • Flat and tight comb teeth with 0.5mm spacing can remove hair deeply, floating hair will totally be removed via just combing once.
  • One-click cleaning function ensure that you can clean it easily and effortlessly after using. To remove the hair being cleaned up, just need to press the button on the top.
  • Brush head with straight and smooth design can fit pet’s hairs, which is safe for combing and won’t hurt pet’s skin.

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