Emily Pets India Cat Scratcher Cardboard with Ringing Bell Balls and Catnip

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For exercise purposes and sheer pleasure, your kitties and cats just love to have a real good scratch. Whether it’s your carpets, sofas or dining room chairs, cats are not so fussed where they put those claws. It’s time to re-channel that natural instinct into a place that won’t ruin your best furniture. This curved scratch board can be placed next to your cat's favorite scratching spots. To encourage your cat to start using the board you can sprinkle a small amount of catnip over the surface. We have Catnip Spray and Catnip Chew Mice which you can spray or lay on the scratcher bed respectively. It might be worth investing in more than one scratch toy, to place in multiple locations. This will be especially beneficial if you own more than one cat. Scratching and clawing is a huge part of feline behaviour, whether they are tense, happy, excited or frustrated, your cats can release their built up emotions or stress by using this toy. Cats will not only enthusiastically claw this corrugated paper scratch toy, they will also love to lounge about on the wide, comfy surface.

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