Wall-Mounted Fish Tank

Size: 40 Centimeter
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Introducing the Emily Pets Hanging Clear Acrylic Fish Bubble! This easy-to-install wall fish tank doubles as a flower plant pot, providing versatility in usage. Whether you want to keep plants, fishes, or snails, this fish bowl will add a touch of fun and charm to your house decor. Crafted from high-quality clear acrylic, it offers the clarity of glass without the fragility, ensuring durability.

Installation is a breeze with the small hole at the top and the included wall anchor. Simply nail the wall anchor to a flat surface, hang the tank securely, and you're ready to go! This fish tank is suitable for both home and office decor, offering a space for plants, colorful stones, or fishes to enhance your wall's aesthetic appeal and vitality. Please note that fish and plants are not included.

The wide hole design facilitates easy hanging or removal from the wall. Upon receiving the fish tank, you can remove the beige paper backing for a clear background. The package includes: 1 wall fish aquarium, making it a complete solution for your decorative needs.

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