Lulala Soft Cotton Winter Printed Coat for Dog

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Our aim is to further the bond between dog’s and their owners with a stylistic modern twist. Our dog clothes are designed to be current and in tune with contemporary fashion trends, ensuring that your dog’s style is in tune with your own. Dog’s always look like their owners so make sure it looks good. We use high end design and manufacturing processes ensuring that the fabric is comfortable and safe for your dog whilst maintain an enviable appearance. You choose not only High End Fashion for Your Pet but you also chose quality and care. All our products are made with the highest quality material that is suitable for your pets. Our fabric material is chosen according to the tolerance level of pets suitable for Indian Climatic Conditions, so that it does not make them feel uncomfortable. Great choice for crisp fall days, cool evenings, or chilly spring days that haven't quite warmed up enough to your dog's liking. Unlike some of our bulkier jackets, many dogs like the soft flexibility of this coat's material for ease of movement Waterproof, Windproof, breathable three-layer soft-shell upper fabric protects dogs from the elements Insulating Thick polyfill interior maintains core body heat Wide Velcro for an adjustable fit High-cut belly to allow your dog or cat to take care of those bathroom duties without soiling their garment. This ensures that your dog can stay warm at all times. High end design and manufacturing processes ensuring that the fabric is comfortable and safe for your dog Pristine styling and manufacturing methods Available in all sizes to fit all dogs Tested Material to make sure the pet doesn't only look stylish but is also comfortable Premium Range Easy to wear Machine washable Easy to Wash.

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