Pet Bites Rope Slipper Toys - Pet Cotton Rope Toys (Green)

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The shape of this rope slipper is very cute,it's looks like your slipper which is well loved by pet dogs.If your pet dog eats your sandals all the time,you should buy rope slipper for your pet.Easily attract attention of your pets. Can be used to train your dogs and play with them. Made of tightly braided cotton rope that is long-lasting, pet-safe and will help to engage your pet for hours of fun chewing, tugging,tossing and fetching.Great bite resistant performance,can help your pets grind and clean their teeth. The barking may disturb your neighbors and cause unnecessary troubles.With the toys, your pets would be more quiet. Reduce neighborhood conflicts. It's the best friend of your pet dog when you out and reduce your pet's disruptive behavior, save your sofa, shoes, bed sheet and valuable furniture from your dog's mouth, make your pet interested in toys. You can also use the toys to interact with them also to increase affection. Perfect for Chihuahua, Basset Hound, Pomeranian, YORKSHIRE TERRIER and many other smaller breeds of dogs. Compare with similar items

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