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  • Female Diapers: Our pet diapers have 4 sizes; the XS of our girl dog diapers is suitable for pets whose waist is about 9.5-21in, weight 4.4-26lbs
  • Adjustable Tail Hole: With a tearable foam hole on our female diapers, it's possible for you to adjust the hole according the size of your puppies' tail; no unwanted room, no tight tail and no leakage
  • Cute Pink Patterns: Female puppy heat diapers with cute pink grid pattern is good to match beautiful girl puppies; the layer is make of stretchable fabric, so you dog are wearing on a breathable diapers
  • Super Comfortable: Period female dog diapers with super absorbent can absorb pee quickly and keep the dog's butt dry; the elastic waist and leg part make it's convenient to put on and easy for dog to move
  • Multi-functions: The girl dog nappies is perfect for dogs house training, excitable unrination, marking issues, female in heat, incontinence, or elder disable problems; and great for protecting your house and cars

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